Me... A Priest?

Me... A Priest in the Diocese of Raphoe?

prayer_imageThis may be the very time in your life when you are thinking of what you want to do or what you want to be, or what path is best for you to follow in your life right now.  So reading this little pamphlet may be of great help to you.


Decision time!


Some people are very sure at quite a young age what they want to do or what they want to be. Others change jobs and switch direction in their lives at various intervals, especially in their 20’s or 30’s.  Remember every day will bring its challenges. How you deal with these challenges will shape your life.


Why not begin today and prepare yourself for what lies ahead by talking things over with the Lord. Prayer should be the starting point of any action or decision in your life.

Message from Bishop Boyce

A Word from the Bishop

bishop_boyceDear Young People

The Lord can speak to us in many ways. His still voice echoes within us, inviting us. What if his call “Follow Me” meant to become a priest? Do not shrink from it. No one can serve a better Master. To spend your life doing good for people, leading them to life in its fullness is a very rewarding way of using your gifts and talents.


The choice of a career may be going through your mind. Remember that a life of complete service of the Church, in the priesthood or consecrated life, is also a possible career. Not for everyone, of course. But certainly for those who are called and who wish to become the friends of Christ.


Have you heard the call? If you think you have you are very welcome.


+Philip Boyce, O.C.D.

Bishop of Raphoe
Opportunity To Make A Difference

Opportunity to make a difference

People want happiness, fulfilment, a sense of achievement and an opportunity to make a difference in whatever direction they choose to travel in life.  Some find this fulfilment, as a nurse, teacher, doctor, housewife, carpenter, shopkeeper, farmer, social worker, bus driver or other such occupations.


However some of the most worthwhile, powerful, challenging and meaningful of all vocations are those of the priesthood, religious, consecrated or missionary life.


Have an open mind

So when you pose the question to yourself “what will I do”?, have an open mind. Committing yourself to the Lord’s service, you leave behind a lot in this world, but with the Lord you stand to gain everything.


“Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God” Psalm 143


Respond in prayer

If you hear the call in your heart do not shut it out. Respond to it in prayer, especially prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Let the call in your heart develop into a vocation, a vocation for Christ.



“I will not reject anyone who comes to Me”

Jn 6:37

Vocation Links & Resources


Invocation is a vocations gathering for young people in Birmingham in June organised by the vocations directors of the dioceses of England and Wales.



A blog from the Vocations Director of the Presentation Brothers



A blog from the Vocations Director of the Irish Dominicans


The Priest is called to be an Alter Christus” (another Christ).

Video clip on the priesthood from the Congregation of the Clergy (Part 1)

Alter Christus - English Version - Part 2

Alter Christus - English Version - Part 3


Young man leaving soccer for the Priesthood


Spanish cloistered nuns see surge in vocations


Investiture of a Contemplative Dominican Nun Vocation Video


Pope John Paul II speaks to seminarians about serving Christ and his Church in the Priesthood. Given at St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, during the Holy Father's Apostolic Visit to Ireland, 29th September - 1 October 1979.

The Holy Father's Message for Word Day of Prayer for Vocations
Holy_SeePope Benedict XVI's message for the 47th World Day of Prayer for Vocations is available PDF format and in Word format
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