Frosses (Inver)


Frosses, Inver, Mountcharles, Drimarone


frosse19Parish Priest: Very Rev John McLoone, PP

Contact Details: Parochial House, Frosses, Co Donegal. Tel: 074-9736006


Church: St Mary's, Frosses (1892)


Masses: Sundays:  10am

Saturdays:  7pm

Holydays of Obligation: 11am

Eves of Holydays:  7.30pm

Confessions: Saturdays:  After Vigil Mass; First Fridays:  7pm; First Saturdays:  12pm; Other times:  On request

Choir: Pat Meehan.

Sacristan: Jim Gallagher, Coughlan Avenue, Frosses.



Organisations:     SVDP: Joseph Harley & Mary McGready

PTAA: Michael Thomas


School:  Frosses NS. Tel. 074-9736514.  Number on Rolls:  84. Principal:  Charles Keeney

Killian NS. Tel. 074-9736322.  Number on Rolls:  31. Principal:  Sr Rosaleen O’Hare


Records & Statistics: Catholic Population:  643; 180 families.  Baptismal records, 1861. Confirmation records, 1920.  Marriage records, 1861.  Death Register, 1930.


Cemeteries: Frosses (n.d.), Cranny Road Cemetery (n.d.)




ardagheyCurate: Rev Shane Gallagher, CC

Contact Details: Parochial House, Ardaghey, Inver, Co Donegal. Tel: 074-9736007


Church: St Naul's, Ardaghey (1895; 6 August 1995)



Masses: Sundays:  11am.

Saturdays:  6pm.

Holydays of Obligation:  11am.

Eve of Holydays: 6pm

Confessions: After Mass on Saturdays, and on request

Choir: Ms Teena Coughlan, Bríd McCready


Organist: Ms Teena Coughlan, Frosses.


Sacristan : Mr Brendan McGready


Organisations:     Parish Council: Vincent O’Donnell. 074-9736059

PTAA:  Sophia Meehan, Fanaghan, Inver.


School: St Naul's NS, Inver. Tel. 074-9736416.  Number on Rolls: 64. Principal:  Mr Rory O’Donnell Teachers:  Mrs A. Gallagher, Mrs M. Gavigan, Mrs M. McCallig.


Records & Statistics: Catholic Population:  792; 200 families.  Baptismal records, 1914. Confirmation records, see Frosses.  Marriage records, 1990.  Death Register, 1986.


Cemeteries: Inver Old Abbey (n.d.), St Naul's New Cemetery (n.d.).



mountcharlesCurate: Rev Adrian Gavigan, CC

Contact Details: Parochial House, Mountcharles, Co Donegal.  Tel: 074-9735009


Church: Church of the Sacred Heart, Mountcharles (16 May 1897, 20 November 2005)



Masses: Sundays:  11am.

Saturdays:  7pm.

Holydays of Obligation:  11am.

Eves of Holydays:  7pm.

Confessions: Saturday: 6.30pm.

Eucharistic Adoration: Tuesday 6.30pm – 9pm

Choir: Mary Ann Kane


Organisations:     SVDP: Mrs Maura O’Donnell, Mountcharles.

Social Services: Mrs Peggy Cleary, Mountcharles.

Legion of Mary: Ms Cathleen Carr, Mountcharles.

PTAA: Mr Joe O’Kane


School: St Peter's NS, Mountcharles. Tel. 074-9735459.  Number on Rolls:  137. Principal:  Mrs Noreen Cotton Parents Association: Joe Coyle, Bridie Kelly


Records & Statistics: Catholic Population:  769; 220 families.  Baptismal records, 1915. Confirmation records, see Frosses.  Marriage records, 1989.  Death Register, 1961.


Cemeteries: Mountcharles (1961).




(Served from Mountcharles)


drimaroneChurch of The Holy Redeemer, Drimarone (1869)



Masses: Sundays:  9.30am.

Holydays of Obligation:  9.30am

Tuesday 8pm

Confessions: Tuesday 6.30pm, before and after all Masses and on request

Sacristan: Nan McGroary

Choir: Gerard Meehan.


Organisations:     Altar Society: Mrs Nan McGroary, Mrs Philomena Conaghan

PTAA: Mrs Moya Campbell

Youth Groups: Colm & Mary Dunlevy

Drimarone Development Association: ‘Ionad na Giruach Gorm’


Records & Statistics: Catholic Population:  321; 100 families.  Baptismal records, 1912. Confirmation records, see Frosses.  Marriage records, 1989.  Death Register, 1973.


Cemeteries: Drimarone (1908).